Customhouse Broker Issues

The Law Office of Lawrence W. Hanson, P.C. is pleased to provide legal services
to the Customhouse Brokerage community which in turn serves as the cornerstone
for the  importing business community.   Mr. Hanson has long provided training to Customhouse Brokers in the form of in-house training, outside seminars and Customhouse Brokerage exam preparation courses and materials.  We conduct internal legal compliance reviews for Customhouse Brokers who are serious about ensuring that they comply with the varied and ever-changing legal requirements for which Customhouse Brokers are responsible.


Most important of all, The Law Office of Lawrence W.  Hanson, P.C. works closely not only with Customhouse Brokers but also their importing clients to help assure legal compliance.  Importers, their Customhouse Brokers and the U.S. Customs Service share the common goal of moving admissible product through Customs with the minimal unnecessary disruption.   While agreement with U.S. Customs as to which disruptions are minimal or unnecessary is not likely, many of such disruptions, not to mention penalties, liquidated damage claims, detentions or seizures of merchandise or criminal sanctions can be avoided with proper attention to legal compliance issues  and Customs planning before  importation.   At  The Law Office of Lawrence W. Hanson, P.C. we believe that such compliance efforts and Customs planning would ideally involve both the Customhouse Broker and the importer working together.  Accordingly, while we represent Customhouse Brokers and importers individually, we strive to represent both Customhouse Brokers and their importing clients to make assure that their cooperative efforts are legally sufficient.